CSA Week 5


July 14, 2015

My mom used to run a daycare out of this house we all live in, I think for lack of a better term it was called by just her name, possessive – “Sharron’s.” Dylan and I consequently grew up in a three ring circus, always some game to play, something to see or do, never a dull moment. Some of the friends I have today went to the daycare, some have gone off.

When the daycare was still going our father had some land leveled below where we now grow our vegetables, I remember seeing the big yellow machines driving back and forth across the ground, flattening it and shredding the small trees. Then he built a backstop and we painted our names on it and he bought some bases and made a diamond.

We picked teams new every day and shared gloves and somewhere in there I think our neighbor and current CSA member Joe Hanley built us a proper bench to sit on. We even had the catcher set up so that no one got hurt. Of course we still got hurt, but nothing too serious, at least that I can remember. We played every day and lost a ton of balls in the woods that creeped in from all sides.
I write this all because that land will now begin its next life – as we slowly incorporate the old ballfield into our farm. The first stage has already been complete as Dylan oversaw the re-leveling of the outfield by a great big excavator last month. The next stage – put up a 30×76 high tunnel (think massive green house with no heat, gothic style) – begins now.

We acquired the high tunnel through the Natural Resources Conservation Service – by way of a grant they offer to new farmers. We paid up front for the massive structure and it was delivered last week, all of the heavy metal ribs, purlins, hardware, and plastic, are waiting in left field like an old ballplayer.

It strikes me as odd when people say that it is “hard to let go of the past.” I do not think the past is something that ever can be let go of, though the lines drawn may be drawn over anew, like a house that is painted freshly again and again. By that same right I don’t think we are destroying the baseball field of my youth, so much as reentering that landscape and occupying it again. Refreshing it.

We did this same thing when I was in my teens – we hacked up the old swingset and turned it into a skate ramp. I do not think it is stepping backwards into the past, so much as turning around and taking a step forward. If you have any interest in seeing a high tunnel go up, please let us know, it truly is a marvel to behold.

This week the CSA will be available at Carters Market from 3pm-7pm, please make sure to bring your bags back so we can keep cycling them. If you cannot make it let us know and we can let them know to keep your veggies cool if at all possible.

Thank you for reading, from the capital of Maine, our best.

This week’s share:
lettuce head
mesclun mix
a bunch of easter egg radishes
a bunch of lacinato kale
head of green cabbage
2 bulbs of green garlic
some zucchini and summer squash
a bunch of basil
a bunch of carrots

-Old Wells Farm




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