CSA week 9


Yesterday we found both of our tomato hoop-houses flattened and splayed like a fourteen car pile-up, the plants laid low like a bunch of hitchhikers thumbing for a lift. Our farm cat weaved in and out of the broken ribs, yowling “the best laid plans….”
This happened before, but to a lesser extent. The first time we righted the structures but never addressed the problem. Water pooled up in the slack areas of the plastic and just brought both things down, fooling us twice. Shame on us.
A timeline of our reactions:
First “Oh my god.” (Initial shock phase.)
Second *expletives* (Rage phase, also the phase where things are punted and/or broken irrevocably.)
Third “All is lost.” (Hopelessness phase, where we imagine ourselves as Atlas pinned beneath the weight of the world.)
Fourth “Welp.” (Acceptance phase, where we walk around the ruins of our hard work, pulling on wires, considering, assessing.)
Fifth “Ok what if we…” (Superhero phase.)
We worked into the night like a bunch of owls and got up early like a bunch of birds. We righted one of the tunnels and scrapped the other in favor of a new support system, no plastic, just tie ups and wood like power lines stretching down Garden Road. The plants seem fine, happy to be doted upon, and from what I can tell the inner balance of the universe has been restored.
And isn’t that a great feeling? Isnt that what its all about? Getting back in the ring? Getting back on the field, back to work, back in the game, enduring, overcoming, surviving, and saying, you know, give us your best shot!
It better be a real haymaker because we got a lot more in the tank man! We gon’ be alright!

Anyway, food is coming your way, may already be in your hands. Try making some fridge pickles with the dill- add dill, cloves of garlic, sliced onions and cukes to a mason jar, add vinegar and some spices, stick in fridge and enjoy out of the fridge for a couple of weeks.

This week:
-Green peppers and hot wax pepper
-mix of green and yellow beans
-Cherry and salad tomato mix
-Dill flowers
-cucumbers- mix of shintokiwa, boothby blonde, picklers and slicers
-Walla Walla onions
-salad mix
-curly kale
-yukon gold potatoes


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