CSA Week 14


You know Fall is upon us once you start smelling apples on the wind. We collect the drops from our trees and feed them to our pigs, keep the good ones for eating or cidering, maybe even sell a few. The pigs probably eat better than we do, always gorging on whatever leftovers or imperfects we don’t sell or eat.

They have become a large part of our farm, providing us with a freezer full of meat come winter in addition to a cleared semi-tilled plot of land to grow on next year. We are raising 7 Large Black pigs, a heritage breed from England with notably big floppy ears for covering up and protecting their eyes while they forage. If you are interested in purchasing a half or whole pig to feed yourself and your family send us an email and we will give you the details.

In the share:
1 head lettuce
1 bunch mixed kale (keep eating your greens!)
1 bunch watermelon radish
1 bunch celery
sweet peppers
quart mixed tomatoes
quart russet potatoes
1 bunch sage
1 red onion, 1 yellow onion
1 red kuri squash, 1 delicata squash, 1 acorn squash (small squash, great for single serving)

In the Kitchen:
The watermelon radish ain’t your average salad radish. It has a much longer growing period, forming a tougher outer layer but what it protects is a beautiful delight. Green skin gives way to pinkish red flesh, we halve or quarter them then slice thinly and simmer in apple cider vinegar, salt, and maple syrup. They accompany any Asian style dish or salad if cooked in this way. Enjoy!


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