CSA Week 16


In torrential rain we say our farewell to the summer, farewell to the salad days, farewell to the freckles, farewell to the bright faces of all you CSA members and your energy and love. It has been a great year for us here at Old Wells Farm, highlighted by a widening circle of community which now includes you, your cats and dogs, and anyone lucky enough to share your dinner table. For all of your support, we thank you.

Our relationship is unique to the economy of today: there are few financial transactions as intimate and connected as the farmer-CSA member deal, which resembles something a bit like a club. A food club. It is extra unique in our case, as this was our first go at it, and whether you knew it or not – we were on unfamiliar ground, making promises left and right! It was hectic and stressful and rewarding and awesome – thank you for making it all possible.
That being said this weeks share – the final share –includes:
Butternut Squash
Eggplant ( mix of fairytale, asian and italian)
Last of the tomatoes
Storage onions
Pac Choi
Napa Cabbage
Herbs – Parlsey, Thyme and Lovage (strong celery-like flavor, good in soups and salads)
Popcorn! (Let them dry out for a couple of more weeks and then you can either work kernels off with your thumbs and pop in oil on stovetop or you can go the quick dirty route and put the whole cobs in a brown paper bag and microwave)

We have tshirts for you all coming soon, please email us at oldwellsfarm@gmail.com with a preferred size for your farm t. We would also like to throw a big harvest potluck bash so we will be emailing you to find out a good date.

Want the veggies to keep flowing? We are part of the Foothill Farm Alliance with some other great organic farms in the area. With that group we put on a Winter CSA – like the Summer CSA but more long-season crops, think lots of squash, rutabaga, cabbage, potato, onion, etc as well as fresh greens grown in high tunnels. The Winter CSA comes every other week in a big old box, and can be picked up at Carter’s Green Market in Gorham or if it works better there are pick up spots in Casco, Conway and Ossippee. If you are interested in signing up please let us know as soon as possible because the first box goes out November 7th. Spread the word and tell your friends! Check out the web page (http://www.foothillfarmalliance.com/) 


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