Hello from our snowy farm in Limington.

We wish everyone a happy new year, hopefully this is the year that all of our resolutions stick and we become a horde of super heroes sprinting toward the sunrise. Here here.

We talk about the weather and we think about the moon. Both of these things affect our soil so they are fantastically important.

There is a hole in the top of our hoophouse that we haven’t fixed, but not for lack of trying. It is about the size of a checkerboard. Our friend Spike Dude climbed up there on a ladder and fell about 10 feet onto his back in the pac choi, then climbed up again and put a patch on it. I do not have much faith in the patch. Do you have any ideas?

Our goat Mooner is still giving about a half-gallon of milk a day – I suspect she just likes the one on one time with the grain bag that all milking mamas are awarded for their contribution to our good health. Their little log cabin is quite handsome in the snow. Contrary to popular belief the goats do not eat Christmas trees – but I am not going to remove the tree from their area, it’s theirs now, they can deal with it.

I bought two Volvos that do not run. One of them I bought in Rhode Island and drove 70mph on the highway to get home. My father is a mechanic and he said the car isn’t even safe enough to drive to Jongerdon’s.

I can’t call it Sleeper’s and I can’t stop buying the wrong Volvos.

We haven’t ordered seeds yet but we do own a fine collection of catalogues. They are like baby albums for plants. Oh how cute!

Alaena said there should be something in the newsletter about pizza so I will oblige and say that so far this year we have eaten zero pizzas. None. We did, however, make sausage using a grinder auger deal that Dylan and Alaena bought. The sausages were spicy and delicious.

Our winter CSA is humming along. With help from the Earle Family Farm, The Hancock Family Farm, Pork Hill Farm, Burnt Meadow Nursery and Hosac Farm we’ve been getting the food to the people. We call our operation the Foothill Farm Alliance. I always enjoy the drive from Limington to Conway on 113 – that is where we meet to divide the shares.

You know that drive? With the dark blue mountains and all the lakes? That is a great drive for coffee and mellow tunes.

Steve Colby (a relative of Spike’s) cleared some land for us basically doubling the size of our farm. He was out there in this great big excavator, plucking boulders the size of Cadillacs and spin-whipping them into a pile. Must feel strange to move and see the sun after all those years spent in the mud. Steve Colby is a great excavator.

Dylan and my great grandfather apparently loved books because our old house is filled with them. I love books too, as things to read but also just as things. Recently I found a tiny leather-bound copy of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Gold Bug”. It was exciting to find, a real artifact. This has nothing to do with farming but everything to do with “The Gold Bug”.

We would love some feedback on vegetable varieties – are there things you used to eat that you cant find anymore that you would love to eat again? Tell us so we can grow new things. Share your knowledge with us – it’s selfish of you to keep your secret vegetable varieties from us.

I think that very well covers it. Bring on the snow, bring on the cold, bring on the tabletop games. Bring on the good beer, bring on the celeriac, bring on the best sleep of the year.

Peace and love and peace.

~Stowe (Marina, Dylan, and Alaena)

Stowe harvesting bok choy from the high tunnel.
Dyl and his freshly linked sausage.
Setting up for the winter share pick-up at Earle Family Farm.

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