all that happiness is free


You are happier and healthier with each passing day my man/woman/queen/friend!

Every day you get better, you stand a little taller, you do a little more. You are a radiant dynamo, and I am too, or at least that’s what I tell myself before I “write blog posts” or “look in the mirror” or “try out for the Sea Dogs again.”

Why? The sun – it’s getting higher in the sky and with every ratcheted degree it cranks more and more Vitamin D into your brain. Spring smells happy, not just because of those stately plump blooms bloomin’ again, but because your skin is cashing in on all those rays. The sun’s ultraviolet waves soak into the skin and convert cholesterol to pure, unadulterated Vitamin D.

Studies show that an increase in Vitamin D causes a decrease in tons of negative stuff. As D levels go up depression goes down. As D levels go up heart attacks go down. As D levels go up all types of cancers go down, as do instances of bone problems like osteoporosis and arthritis. Vitamin D helps your immune system fight colds and flus and even wakes dormant T cells, which are like your body’s X-wing fighters though smaller and droidless.

In short – you are waking up with the rest of the living creatures on the planet. The birds, the bees, the trees, the bears, and you, all yawning and stretching and ambulating to varying degrees, all rubbing winter from the eyes, rising to meet spring, becoming generally happier.

So I am happy to say we made it through another one with all of our fingers and toes intact. Our bees didn’t make it, but our spinach did. The greenhouse is fired up and seeds are dropping, we even have carrots germinating in the new high tunnel. Our farm is twice as big as it was last year, which is enormous to us small permaculture people, but manageable nonetheless – each year we decide just how much we can grow while still maintaining our emphasis on small and environmentally sustainable agriculture.

The food is coming soon – the Gorham farmers market starts on May 7th – we will be there by the library, stoked to be out in the grass with our farmer friends and all the good people. Come say hi and check out a great selection of organic seedlings along with the usual veggies and flowers.

We are also currently accepting CSA sign ups and are excited that so many of you will be joining us for another season! To get your produce or flower share you can pay online by clicking here or mail us a check (address below). SPECIAL NOTE: the Gorham pickup location has been moved around the corner to the Baxter Memorial Library.

So get out there and get yours, because all that happiness is free. And maybe while you’re out there you will meet some other creatures rising too, and you guys can party until your winter coats fall to the ground and rot and bloom bright green with new grass, new ideas, new understanding, and that old love. Thanks and see you soon.

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