The worm dance is on…

The CSA starts in 2 weeks! Still time to sign up
Taking advantage of the quick visit of spring blooms.

The worm dance is on and everyone is invited, from the already chubby Robins to you and your notebooks, your seed catalogs and your recipes; you and your head full of hopes. But make no mistake – May has no room for wallflowers – those who choose to sit must clear the house. This is dancing season, working season, planting season.

We are well on our way over here in Limington with tomatoes, greens, and peppers already taking root. Piggies coming next week. Marina and I put up a Yurt, which is a pretty hip thing to do as I understand it, but its also a true thing. Dyl and Alaena built an outdoor shower for their Shasta, welcoming the warm weather. Out here in the fields, out here in the woods with the sun coming up over Limington, happiness is all around.

Market season is on in Gorham and business is booming. New vendors selling honey, dreamcatchers, goat cheese, kvasse, and vegetables have joined our ranks. Hope to see you there on the lawn by the library, 8:30am – 12:30pm every Saturday. Tons of kids rambling around and dogs too, its a real good show. Need seedlings but can’t make it to Gorham? Give us a call and we can get an order together for you for pick up at the farm in Limington.

Grow more of your own food this year, get that sunshine. Our seedlings are built to last having been hardened off by April’s fun little pranks (snow, ice, and cold temperatures). Let us help you plan that garden with our jungle of seedlings – we have ramped up our selection with a focus on varieties people have been asking us to try.

Also, one more thing, we still have room in our Summer CSA. Ever thought about eating so many vegetables that you become invincible and/or superhuman? We can help you with that for the membership fee of $450 for 16 weeks – get a box of seasonal local mystical organic vegetables once a week from June to Autumn – payment plans totally available. Add in a weekly flower bouquet for $100.

Ok that is all thanks for reading. As usual, good job, really proud of you.

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