Hello from Old Wells Farm

These are pictures of the house my brother and I grew up in and the farm we are building around it with our partners. These are pictures of our families and the people we have built our lives around. These are pictures of the vegetables we grow, the animals we raise, and the work we do on the farm.
The farmhouse was built by the founders of our town, the Small family, and is as old as the town itself. There is a graveyard on the land where a few of them rest. This land was once grazed by sheep and cattle, but now has gone to forests of straight pine, sugar maple, birch, oak, and ash. This history is deeply important to us and to our connection with the land.
Our farm is small and it will always be small. We lay out our growing beds contoured to the slope of the land with seaweed we gather from Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth, compost we buy from Bensons in Gorham, and compost we make ourselves. We do not till the earth. This growing technique is rooted in Permaculture and was taught to us by our mentor Julee Applegarth at Sweet Relief farm in Steep Falls, as well as Maine Permaculturists David Homa and Lisa Fernandez. We also grow a diverse set of vegetables for a Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA) and take inspiration from mentors Stacy Brenner and John Bliss at Broadturn Farm in Scarborough, where they have created a huge community around well grown, fresh Organic produce.
We select vegetables for our CSA program that are delicious and beautiful. Each year we try something new from the seed sellers in New England and because we are certified Organic by MOFGA we order Organic seed from FedCo and Johnny’s Seeds in Maine as well as High Mowing in Vermont. Our focus is on providing fresh vegetables grown in powerful soil without chemicals.
By buying into our farm you are giving us the power to connect to our agricultural heritage and to grow into the future. We offer a full vegetable drawer every week; fresh vegetables all season. We also have an Organic pork CSA as well as a flower CSA.
We love farming, we love eating. Support us and we’ll support you. If you dig check out the details on our website https://oldwellsfarm.wordpress.com/

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