The pork box is ideal for individuals with more limited freezer storage. You will get a taste of our favorite pork cuts.

20lbs of our pork cuts for $250

Pork Box example:
– 3 packs bacon
– 5lb breakfast sausage
– 8 pork chops
– 2-3 smoked ham steaks
– 1 smoked pork roast (2-4lbs)

Pork boxes are available for pick up or delivery. All cuts will be frozen and vacuum sealed. Free pickup at farm in Limington. $15 delivery fee for Gorham/Portland area.

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Limington Pickup

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 Portland/Gorham Delivery

For a more customized experience consider purchasing a half or whole animal.

How are the pigs raised?
The pigs are rotated throughout forest and pasture, foraging greens, grubs, dropped fruit, acorns and more along the way.They do vital work for the farm – clearing land and tilling soil that will grow produce and flowers in the future. Along with forage, the pigs are fed a local mix of non-gmo corn and oats. We do not use any antibiotics or growth hormones.